Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Cancer is a bitch

of a thing. It creeps up silently on people, may stay a while and then appear to go away - only to return and wreck a  body and everyone else around that body.
There was a message in my time line this morning to say that someone on my regular pedalling route is back in hospital. She had breast cancer some years ago. Everyone thought she had "recovered" but now it seems to be back - in her lungs. It was discovered when she was having difficulty breathing.
She has never smoked. Her husband has never smoked.They are good people who have faced other tragedies in their lives. Despite those tragedies they have helped numerous other people. 
They have been "go to" people. 
"Perhaps L.... can..." and "D has a trailer..." and "L's artistic and she won't mind doing the flowers/drawing that..." and "D will organise that...".
They have given of their time and their talents to their neighbours and to the community as well as their family. I have been guilty of dobbing D  in once for the use of that trailer - to take a great load of books to a church fete. When I told him I felt guilty about asking he laughed and said, "I don't mind in the least Cat. Happy to help."
Well,they might need some help now and I would like to be one of those to give it - if I can.
But there are some things you have to face alone and L...will have to face some of what is to come on her own.All we can do is be there.

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