Saturday, 11 June 2016

Next Saturday is KIPPER day

and no, I am not talking about fish.
Knitters will know what I mean - or they should. It is the acronym for Knit In Public Day. 
Knitters are supposed to get out their yarn and their needles and head off into the community and - knit. It is supposed to be a day for showing off their skills. Hmmm....
Last year I completely forgot about it - and the year before too I suspect. My computer calendar has just reminded me of the event - a week in advance. I am unlikely to do anything about it. 
On several occasions we (fellow knitters and I) have tried to organise an event in the local shopping centre. There are several problems with this. 
Not the least of them is that the centre management is not happy about it. They barely tolerate our presence. This is despite the fact that the knitters tend to buy copious amounts of coffee. They denude the bookshop of knitting books. They do their weekly shop at the same time. No, that's still not good enough for the centre management. Apparently we are not high class enough for them.
Then getting people together on a Saturday also means working around a football match and school sports and all the other things which get done. 
And this time the space we would normally take up will be occupied by people earnestly asking us to "vote for A or B or C". 
I think the shopping centre venue is out. I explained this to someone yesterday.
"Think about it Cat. Please! Where else could we go?"
The library?  It's a fairly public place but other things will be going on there. I think not. 
Public transport? It's a Saturday though and public transport is not frequent. Not that many people use it so how "public" would the knitting be? 
But there is a tram to a beach side suburb and there of the only two yarn shops in the city in that suburb. I won't do  the trip myself but I suggested it. There was a slow Cheshire cat like grin that appeared on the face of my questioner. She started to purr.
"I'll suggest that to the others."
I don't doubt they will go - and that there will be a side journey into the yarn shop.

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