Sunday, 5 June 2016

People with clip boards

don't  usually bother me. 
It is rare for me to get stopped by someone wielding a clip board out in the big wide world. I know why I don't get stopped and that annoys me enough to want to pounce on people and say, "Doesn't my opinion count too?"
But, I don't do it. I just prowl past  because, to be honest, most of the time I am not in the least interested in answering questions about which brand I buy or what I think of such and such a policy.
I do get asked to sign petitions - that seems to be different - and of course I get asked to donate to whichever charity is collecting that day. 
And people will stop me if they want to sell me something - well, sometimes. I avoid eye-contact - especially with those two still trying to sell a meal plan where they decide what you will eat and do the shopping but leave you to do the cooking. No, no, and no.
But yesterday I was at a meeting. The president was wandering around with a clip board. This spells "danger". What does she want? I kept my head down and my paws firmly on my knitting. I was genuinely counting stitches when she pounced.  Oh I was counting stitches? She would come back later. (Of course I had to start counting all over again.) I hoped she would forget.
She didn't of course. I agreed, reluctantly, to do what she wanted. I know it is important to volunteer, to participate, to be active in a group. If I have time I don't mind because I know that is the way any group functions. I was reluctant this time because there are other people who could do the job. It would be good for them if they did. Still, I didn't want to argue. She was wielding a clip board.
In the hands of a determined president they can be lethal weapons.
I just wish other people were sufficiently alarmed by them to do as the wielder wishes.

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