Wednesday, 7 September 2016

I had a dream in which Hillary Clinton

was driving a car down a very narrow passageway. It was only just large enough for the car to get through. I was with her - and had the usual worries of anyone in that situation.
At the other end I had to to open up her head for some reason - and I found it was full of what knitters call "i-cord" or thin, rope like knitting in a variety of colours. There was too much in there and, as I tried to push it all back in, there seemed to be more and more of it.
 If someone can explain this to me I would be grateful.

Thankfully I have not yet had a dream about the "other candidate".
Someone, who professed to know about such things, once told me that dreams are a way of removing extraneous details from our memories. If we don't dream he told me our day time thoughts are cluttered with all sorts of information we don't need. I don't know whether he was right or not but perhaps it explains why some, perhaps most, dreams are so odd. 

I don't often remember dreaming - although I know I must - and I rarely remember dreams quite as vividly as that one. I wonder what a psychiatrist would make of that? Do they still analyse dreams for their patients? Modern psychiatry isn't something I know much about. I hope I never have first hand experience of it. It's something none of us can predict.
Last night's dream about Hillary Clinton was disturbing though. 

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