Sunday, 4 September 2016

What is it about AGM.s?

I am sure you know what I mean - the dreaded "Annual General Meeting". What is it about them?
I made myself go to one yesterday. I didn't want to go for a variety of reasons but, even if there hadn't been other problems for me, it would have been an effort to go.
I don't know how many AGMs I have sat through. I have run a few as well. I like to think they were over quickly, that people did what they had to do, and that we got on with whatever else we wanted to do.
The President tried. She arranged to have a "shared lunch" to begin with and a "trading table" afterwards. 
I am not a happy cat at "shared lunches". I made some savoury cornbread and took it but my paws don't do well with cardboard plates and helping yourself to finger food. I ignored the food.
The meeting was all that one expects an AGM to be. Do people ever like volunteering to do things? I have been  brought up to believe that, if you belong to a group, then you contribute. I have contributed to this group in the past. I hope things will change so that I can contribute again in the future. There are people who have never contributed and probably never will.
I had contributed some things for the trading table and, if anything sold, then the group will get the money to build up their working finances again. I suppose it was naughty of me not to buy something as well but by no means everyone had contributed something so I didn't feel too bad about it.
I collected my plate and prowled off fairly early. I pedalled home slowly. It was hard work pushing against the wind - but not as hard as going to an AGM.  

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