Tuesday, 13 September 2016

I know I shouldn't comment on

the internal affairs of other countries but the election in the United States of America is beginning to worry me.
There are an awful lot of people in America, millions of them. They ought to be able to find plenty of good candidates to run the country. So, what went wrong this time? Is it the money?
The Senior Cat says, and he is probably right, "nobody who wants the job is fit to have it and anyone who is fit to have it doesn't want it" - he says the same thing of Downunder politics. 
I confess that being President of the USA, Prime Minister of Downunder or Secretary-General of the UN are not jobs I would want - and I am not fit to do them either. I'd fall asleep in meetings, or get impatient and order people around, or get annoyed with the media, or....well, I'd do all the wrong things. I might even stop trying to run the place altogether and just curl up on my sleeping mat and put my paw over my ears, close my eyes, and go to sleep.  The place could run itself.
But apparently we need people to run things - and some people even want to run things.  I experienced some headmasters like that. One of them, completely untrained in teaching, had been a physical education instructor in the army.  He tried to run a school in the same way and it didn't work. Another spent each  lunch time at the local "club" - a football club which served alcohol. The children used to imitate his drunken walk back into school, lining up like ducks behind him. (I think ducks have more sense than he had.) And of course there was the school that I had to run when the headmaster wasn't there - which was often.
All those people wanted to run things - in their own way.
Perhaps it is like that with politicians too. One candidate in America is apparently a failed businessman with some very strange ideas and a very large ego. The other is the partner of a former president who ought to know better than to even consider the job. Anyone who has been that close to the job should know better. My aunt, who knows about such things, also wonders whether the latter candidate has the physical stamina to see the job through. 
Of course this is what happens when you give people an apparently free choice - to run for office or not to run for office...to vote for someone or not vote for someone. It's called "democracy" and it is probably what happens until people realise that it really isn't democracy at all. It is just what happens. 
I mean, look at Downunder. We had a similar sort of choice and we made a right mess of choosing. 
I am about to spend the morning at the showgrounds dismantling what we put up a fortnight ago. All that was judged by people who - well yes, they were "volunteered-coerced" in a way. Their egos were appealed to along the lines of "will you with your expertise come and judge..." and it seems to work pretty well. The judge's decision is final. 
Perhaps that's what we need before the internal affairs become infernal - but how do you choose the judge?

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