Sunday, 25 June 2017

I have had enough of the far left,

the far right, indeed the far anything at all. I am fed up with "extremism" of any sort. 
I want to go and live on an island with my like minded friends. It has to be a nice island. It has to have a very good library, a lot of craft materials (yarn for me and whatever my friends want to bring with them) and a nice temperate sort of climate  to help grow things on the soil (which has to be of excellent gardening quality). There will naturally be medical services available. Thank you.
Yes I am fed up.
Yesterday I was accused of being "far left" because I defended a young Sudanese refugee and "far right" because I pointed out that it would cost taxpayers far more if they closed all the "private" schools and all children were in the state system. The first issue was a matter of ordinary basic decent human behaviour. The second issue was a matter of simple economics. It doesn't matter to me what colour your skin is. If you happen to want to be served in a shop and can pay for the goods then, when it is your turn, you get served. End of story. It doesn't matter to me where your child goes to school. What matters is what they are taught when they go there. 
It seems to me that, unless I agree with everyone, I am "wrong". I am not only "wrong" but I am positively evil because how could I possibly believe in basic good manners or the right to receive services when I pay taxes? 
Well, I can't agree with everyone. I am a "middle of the road" sort of cat. Some might say I am a "fence sitting" sort of cat. The reality is that I like to make up my own mind about issues. I don't like being told what to think.
Respect my views and I will respect yours... the only problem is that those who irritate me the most with their extreme views won't read this. Rant over. 

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