Tuesday, 27 June 2017


Yes, I have written about the topic before. 
I made only one small batch last year. This year our tiny grapefruit tree had more fruit. I picked some of it yesterday and sliced it, left it  to soak and soften overnight and now it is boiling merrily away. 
There was good reason to make it today. 
We have a treasure called P.... who now comes for an hour once a fortnight and does the heavy cleaning i.e. the floors. I poached her from Middle Cat - or rather, Middle Cat and the Senior Cat arranged it without consulting me. I growled but they ignored my growling and I have to confess it is nice not to have to worry about slipping over on a wet floor.
And of course I make a howling mess when I make marmalade. I know. I do try not to spill the precious golden stuff as I bottle it but... somehow. Sigh. 
So P... will cheerfully wash the sticky mess from the floor - and possibly from the kitchen bench as well. She will do it the way I did it for my paternal grandmother. I just wish my grandmother had been fortunate enough to own the slicing device I have. I had the fruit sliced far faster than she ever did it with a knife - and I used to think she was fast. Mind you, Grandma never made the mess I make. 
And, yet again, I will wonder at all the things the Senior Cat's mother taught me. I will wonder at how fortunate I am to have had someone who was patient and willing and able to teach me.
Marmalade smells good. The perfume has gone right through the house.

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kayT said...

I don't like grapefruit but I bet it's better in marmalade. Hmm. I wonder if anyone makes it commercially. Thanks for the idea!