Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Some Census data

has just been released. 
I know it is supposed to be useful for "forward planning" and yes, it is.
The problem is that the state I live in is going backwards. The residents are getting older and there are fewer of them. We earn less - although I would actually like to earn even the median amount  stated. 
It means that we will almost certainly have one fewer member in the Federal parliament at the next election. We only have eleven now in a 151 seat parliament.  
It also means that anything else decided on one of those pesky head counts is unlikely to go in our favour. There are fewer people who pay taxes and contribute to the state's economy, and thus the national economy.
There is also, it seems, a sense that not much can be done about it. The state government continues to conveniently blame the federal government - for things like the demise of the car industry. (That was propped up for years before someone finally had the good sense to realise it was not sustainable.) As a cat I suggested the factory should start to make bicycles and tricycles and gophers for people to prowl around on. The suggestion did not go down well. Humans want cars - preferably "safe" and "fast". I am not sure those two words go together but some humans seem to think they might.
I suggested we could start making solar panels on a large scale. No, cheaper to import them from China  it would seem - and the government has come to realise that the "solar rebate" is not a good thing. It is better for people to put in solar panels at their own expense and then give the government free power that they can sell to people. 
I suggested a range of micro-technology projects. Apparently we don't have the expertise,the infrastructure, or the contracts.
Well, what about we do more with the wool we produce? There is one small plant out in the northern suburbs. We need a wool scourer. We could do with a spinner that works to international standards. No, it is easier to sell the wool to China or Turkey  - or the best of the best to Japan - and then  import it again at a huge cost.
Tourism? Oh well we are doing that...if you like travelling what seem like long distances to many overseas visitors - and you drink wine.
And we can rely on the Festival of Arts, the "Clipsal" (a city streets motor race) and the Tour Down Under bicycle race... or can we?
At least we have a new hospital. If you become ill at least you could visit that.
Isn't it time we did something about it?

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