Sunday, 6 October 2019

Daylight saving is upon us

once again and that also means that I need to start thinking about summer knitting and Christmas presents - and, sometimes, a combination of both.
I often think it would be much easier to live in the other hemisphere and have the capacity to knit nice warm woolly hats, scarves, socks and whatever as Christmas presents. Downunderites don't want winter woollies as presents in the middle of summer! Of course in the immediate family this is not an issue. We give each other books or vouchers to buy books.  Christmas is fairly low key, especially now there are no small children in the immediate family - at least not with whom we will spend the actual day
But I have a number of elderly people to whom I give little things. I know it is sometimes the only present they will get so it is important to do it properly. They would be embarrassed if I gave them something expensive - even if I could afford it. 
So, what do I give them? It is something I give thought to - or endeavour to give thought to - in time to make something. If they are gardeners - and some of them are - it has often been a small plant I have grown. I have given them little things for the kitchen - such as a 3D biscuit (cookie) cutter to a woman who still bakes biscuits for her church.  There have been knitted bookmarks given to the readers and perfumed sachets to those who like to have such things in their drawers.
And this year I think there will be soap bags. My excuse - a legitimate one - is that there are some patterns I want to try. Instead of knitting up practice squares I will turn the knitting into soap bags.
I have ordered some environmentally friendly soap which will appeal to those worried about such things. I will use cotton - of which I have plenty. I will knit. I will explore patterns and I will make something useful at the same time.
At least, I hope I will.


Anonymous said...

Have fun!

I find I make samples and then cannot choose between them, or get diverted, so rarely make anything. I have friends who go straight to the making stage and carry on if everything works out, or undo and start again if it does not. They get things made. I get lots of little samples.

SO I think useable little samples may be the way to go! You have given me an idea...


catdownunder said...

I am not sure whether that should be "oh good" or "oh...another idea?" Have you thought of sewing all the others into a blanket?