Friday, 1 November 2019

Our new freezer

should be delivered today.
Getting a new one is a matter of safety. The old one is almost fifty. It has served us well but it is no longer efficient. On the first warm  day of this season I found it was leaking. Investigation showed it was not sealing properly. There was water on the floor. That could be extremely dangerous, especially for the Senior Cat. As he also pointed out, "If something happened to you then we would be in a real mess."
Yes, we would.
We did some research. We spoke to someone who knows about such things. No, it was not worth repairing. Freezers are, naturally, made quite differently now.
We did more research. What was recommended? Could we afford it? Did we really need a freezer or could we manage with the freezer compartment of the fridge?
We decided on a new freezer. Middle Cat is now using some of the garden to grow vegetables some of those will go in there. With a freezer I can buy in bulk when items we need are a good, seasonal price. There is the expense of running the freezer but, if I shop this way, then things even out. I don't have to shop almost everyday. And, also important, I can cook multiple meals at one time and freeze them so that we have a supply on hand. That can be very important in this house. Anything could happen to delay meal preparation or make shopping impossible. "Take away" meals are expensive - even more so if we had to rely on their delivery. 
Feeling guilty I went on-line. I went to the company which provided our new fridge some time ago. Did they have one of the recommended brands? What size? Ah, yes. They will deliver it today.  Delivery is "free". They will take away the old one.
If they are as efficient as they were last time then we should have a new freezer today. 
What puzzles me is that the actual object will come from a store somewhere here in the suburbs. If we had bought it that way the cost would be higher. There would be a delivery fee on top of that. We would need to dispose of the old freezer ourselves. This way it gets recycled safely and efficiently.
The problem? It cuts out a job for someone in a shop somewhere.
I am still feeling rather guilty - even though it has saved us several hundred dollars.

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