Saturday, 16 November 2019

Planting seedlings

needs to be done before it gets too hots. The little things need to feel comfortable and settled in their newly made beds before they can cope with the heat. Even then I know they may not survive. They will need water.
Now we do have multiple rain water tanks on this property. At one time the Senior Cat could carry large watering cans. Then it was small watering cans. Most of the time it is now tap water - unless I do the watering.
It is the Senior Cat's garden - one of his hobbies. The last thing I want to do is stop him from "playing outside". He needs to be out in his garden. 
The reality however is that he does very little actual gardening these days. S.... comes in for two hours once a fortnight and manages to do more than the Senior Cat could do in twenty hours. The Senior Cat was never a fast gardener. He was always a slow and contemplative gardener. Gardening is thinking time.
In our previous house the Senior Cat grew  carrots "under the hedge" -  which really meant right next to the hedge between us and the nosy neighbour. The nosy neighbour was not impressed - even though it had no impact on her at all. There were tomatoes and lettuce, capsicum, courgettes/zucchini, cabbage, cauliflower, beans, peas and more. The Senior Cat rotated all these things. My mother looked after the front garden with the flowers, the lavender, rosemary and other herbs around the small patch of lawn.
There were also strawberry plants all the way down the driveway. That puzzled and alarmed the nosy neighbour too. When we offered her some of the strawberries she refused even though the car tyres had been nowhere near the strawberries. It was really rather sad she never enjoyed them the way we did.
There are strawberry plants here now. Some are in their second year. There are others which need to be planted. The Senior Cat tells me he will "definitely" do it today. He "might have" done it yesterday but someone took him out for afternoon tea - an unexpected treat.
All these things now need to go in waist high pots. Pots need more watering - even the so-called "self watering" sort of plants.  
If I do it then we can use the water from the tanks.  This will take time. I find watering the garden frustrating. I want to get on with other things but it is the Senior Cat's garden. He needs to be out there. The strawberries had better taste as good as those which went down the driveway.


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