Wednesday, 27 November 2019

The invasion is coming

today...indeed as I write this all those but one from one state should be in the air. My nephew from there arrived last night. He had meetings yesterday. Another nephew lands this evening. The Black Cat does not arrive until late tomorrow night.
Today may not be as chaotic as in previous times. The kittens are all a year older. They are still enough that they need a lot of attention.
And the Senior Cat is still in hospital. They will however allow him "day release". We can also put him into a wheelchair and wheel him down to the garden in the centre of the  hospital. There is a place to buy coffee and space for the kittens to play - indeed that is the intention of the space.
The Senior Cat really isn't ill. Now that he is no longer being given a particular pain killer he is as alert as ever. It is his mobility which is the concern. He still isn't allowed to move around on his own there...after all they have a legal responsibility to see he isn't injured in another fall. I only have the legal and moral responsibility to care for him. How we are going to manage here unless he can get to the bathroom himself - especially at night - is another matter.
Brother Cat phoned last night and we made some tentative arrangements for today - the most important of those being that of course he wants to see our father.  It will depend on whether nephew and niece decide their families descend on me at some point what else will happen. I have the "activity packs" for the kittens all lined up. I think they may be needed.
This year I managed to find some cheap "Rubik's Cube" toys - in the supermarket  of all places. That should occupy them for five minutes. They have "Where's Wally" books for when the adults really need them to be a bit quieter. There is an "activity" book each and some crafty bits and pieces, including some cheap toy go-kart kits that they can make and race at least once.There is paper and there are multiple pens in multiple colours. And there is food. I am a great believer in food for kittens. They need stoking at regular intervals.  I consulted Niece about this some time ago.
What have I left out? Someone tell me quickly - before the invasion begins!

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