Tuesday, 30 June 2020

I do not understand Facebook

or how it works when a perfectly harmless post by me can be seen by some  people but not by others. Why?
Yesterday, mostly for the benefit of a few people I knew might be interested I actually managed to put up two photographs. It seems some people cannot see them and others can. 
I thought they were harmless.

They are simply pictures of the front and back of something I have not quite finished. The skivvy hides the many ends I have not yet had time to deal with...and dealing with them is some way off as I have the other project to do. That one is rather more urgent than this one.
This was one of those, "Well now that I have all those little pieces I might as well do something with them" sort of projects. I never intended to make it - blame "social distancing".
There was no chance of having visitors - not that we have many anyway - so I pinned an i-cord (tomboy stitch or french knitting) outline on some polystyrene and filled it in over the weeks. 
It is not the sort of project that you can start and go through straight to the end without interruption. The dining room table is the wrong height for a start - back and neck suffer.  Although I had enough pieces to fill in about three  quarters of the outline I also had to make some more. 
Making more pieces meant designing shapes that would fit into the blank spaces. I had to cast on and off in unexpected places. 
I also had to find yarn in among the stash, yarn of the right colours, weight and type.  
The yarns are mostly linen or cotton. There is a little rayon and some metallic yarn with a patch or two of mohair. Some of the yarns have been combined with other yarns. There is no acrylic in it. I don't have acrylic in my stash.
There are some small pieces that have been knitted together but many of the pieces I made were single yarns I was trying out for other reasons. 
These are not my favourite colours. I prefer blues, green-blues and greens, greys and navy. They were colours I used for other people. But what is wrong with it?
I really don't understand why Facebook would decide some people cannot see it. It is not rude or racist.
Maybe it is because it really is rather ridiculous? 

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