Tuesday, 5 December 2017

I am trying to save this blog

and I am not sure how to go about it. 
The problem is that it is, until Friday, being written from my old email address. I cannot work out how to change the author email or get myself as a new author on the blog by "inviting" myself with a new email address.
I thought I had followed the logical sounding instructions I was directed to but that has not worked. It is one of the many problems I have faced in trying to move from one internet service provider to another.   
Yes, I can understand why an ISP would not want to make it easy. They don't want to lose customers - except that this time they did. They told me they couldn't provide the service and they have terminated the contract.  
It has meant hours of work for actual work purposes. All the "fun" side has had to come second as I let work colleagues know - often one at a time for security reasons - that I am changing ISPs and that we sometimes have to go through a number of hoops in order to reconnect. (I have filled out more forms than I care to think about.) It hasn't left a lot of time for the blog or for my limited social life on social media.
The blog bit worries me. I haven't got time to prowl through from the start and save the posts that even I would like to keep - there are a few. Decani, the only Cathedral Cat who can read, is too busy getting the cathedral ready for Christmas to help. 
This post will, according to the "stats" be post number 3,298. I have probably written far too many words.
I will prowl off to the library this morning and see if an entirely different computer will allow me to log in separately and allow me to add my name under a different email. Logically this should be able to happen as the "address" will be different. Whether this will be acceptable logic to a computer system is something else. 
If anyone has any ideas about this then please let me know. It should be simple - but it isn't.


Anonymous said...

I am ashamed to report that my first thought was "Never mind her work, I want to keep reading Cat's blog".

I hope your complicated machinations work, for all of us, but, really, truly, most importantly, for the people who really really need you.


Southern Gal said...

if i can be of help let me know.

wordpress will import your posts... I think... i had mine on typepad and moved them all including images etc to wordpress . they have a free version wordpress.com that is easy to use and much much much better than blogger.

here are the instructions ... really its very easy

but i would be glad to help you ... i have access to a remote program where we can chat (since i am in usa) online and i usually am up until about 12 ... so we could work during the late evening for me...

email me at sogalitno at gmail.com

jeanfromcornwall said...

This technology is great stuff until it isn't and then you find that it was invente by a spotty teenager with an idiosyncratic view of what ordinary people might want!
Knowing nothing about the way things work, all I can do is wish you the best of luck, and butter on your paws to keep you with us!

catdownunder said...

Have emailed you and many, many thanks for the offer - I think I have done it - certainly hope so!