Monday 18 December 2017

Knitting together a

friendship can take time. 
Someone called in yesterday. It was a very brief visit -  just to return some things belonging to me. 
I was a bit startled because I had sent her the postage - also returned. As it was P...  said she was out and about and happened to be passing. I'll assume so. It was a very hot day to be out and about.
Her visit was welcome in that I could give her the crocheted poppies I had been asked to pass on. Now, if it is very hot, I won't need to make the trip on the tricycle to deliver them in the New Year. Now I won't be breaking a promise to be sure they are there. Things like that matter.
I wonder what would have happened if I had not delivered them - or not delivered them on time? Of course I could not have said anything about not doing it. R... would never have been the wiser. It isn't the sort of thing I could live with though. I could have apologised. She would have expressed disappointment. 
And what sort of impact would that have had on our friendship? I don't know R... that well but I like her. I wouldn't have wanted to let her down.
And now of course I have put a similar trust in P...  Like R... I don't know P... that well. I don't know her as well as I know R... but I do know other people are also putting a similar trust in P... to pass on the poppies being made for the War Memorial.  I know, from observation, she is well organised and gets things done. 
After P... had gone the Senior Cat, who is never too sure about the status of people he doesn't really know, asked me, "Is P.... a friend of yours?"
I explained who P... is. As I was doing so I thought of something someone else I know said recently, "I'll be friends with someone on Facebook if I would want to have coffee with them." 
I am friends with someone or I would like to be friends with someone if I trust them enough to have tea or coffee with them. Those of you who know me well enough will know that's trust you don't earn easily. R...s a friend... I would like P... to be one. 

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