Monday, 26 October 2009

I am about to head off on a dangerous journey.

I am going to visit the dentist. The dentist is a nice person. We get on quite well together, even though I dislike what she needs to do.
The actual dentist visit however may well prove less dangerous than endeavouring to get there. This involves riding my tricycle to the railway station. It should be a quietish ride but I must constantly scan the road for traffic. Fair enough. I use the road alongside cars. The problem is that it is "rush" hour when I need to leave. They do rush. I am not sure why. It never saves time. The cars end up rushing to a standstill along the main road into the city. If they all set off at a more sedate pace they would probably proceed at a sedate pace but, it seems, owners have no control over the behaviour of their cars.
The cars also seem to bounce happily over the broken glass left from the weekend games of the youths who are in training for the Olympic Sport of "Breaking and Scattering Glass". I need to avoid these.
At the railway station I have to hope that I have my tricycle at the right position on the platform in order to get to the door which allows tricycles on....probably not. It rarely happens. The train went right past once and stopped 20 metres down the platform. Then I have to lift the tricycle onto the train. There are no guards any more. "Transit Officers" tell me they "do not do bikes" and they do not "do" prams either. They pull out the ramp for a gopher with poor grace. If there is no Transit Officer on board (and our line is considered reasonably 'safe' so they are rarely there) then the driver has to come and do ramp duty. He certainly will not do it for a tricycle. "You can't get it on yourself then you shouldn't bring it," I have been told. Fair enough apart from the fact that I actually need it to get around the city. I would cause a traffic jam trying to cross on foot - if I was not blood jam on the road first.
The return journey will, with any luck, be a little less fraught with danger. It will not be rush hour. I trust Sue will have fixed the filling but I will not be in the mood for company. I will not however snap or snarl if someone offers to help with the tricycle. I will give them a lop-sided smile and thank them.
If I am back here tomorrow I will have succeeded in negotiating a dangerous journey.

And now I am back today because, having negotiated the dangerous journey, the call centre muddled up the appointments. I saw my dentist for five minutes. She apologised. We both fumed. I am now booked in for 10am on Friday. I need chocolate and sympathy!

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