Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A willing suspension of disbelief

needs to be applied to all James Bond movies. I managed to borrow "A Quantum of Solace" from the local library yesterday. It just happened to be sitting on the top of the returns trolley when I went in to return a book. My father had not yet seen it and, as he is something of a fan, I borrowed it for him. He watched it last night. I did not have time so I suggested he could tell me about it later.
This morning he told me, "It really is ridiculous you know. The first jump would probably kill him." However he enjoyed it so I did not inquire further.
I will also be interested however to hear what he thinks of an article in our state newspaper which raises questions about the actual status of some of those endeavouring to enter Australia by non-standard means. If media and government reports are correct there is something a little James Bond like about such ventures. People flee their country of origin in fear of their lives. They take nothing with them. They traverse difficult and dangerous terrain. They nearly get caught on the way. They have to negotiate borders, bribe officials and then get on a leaky wooden craft etc etc. It all sounds very heart wrenching and, for some, there is undoubtedly some truth in such stories.
The reality for most is quite different. A decision is made about which son will make the journey. Cautious inquiries are made through people who are known to know about the process. Fees are paid. Transport is arranged. You may even fly in to the point closest to your desired destination on business. At that point you 'disappear' as yourself and then reappear in another form. The boat may look like a leaky craft but the other passengers are much like yourself and the engine is in good condition. You may get caught, almost certainly will, but you have been well coached in the story you have to tell.
If you are a good enough actor then the immigration officials will willingly suspend their disbelief and give you a visa. After that it is your role to arrange safe passage for the rest of the family on compassionate grounds.
Am I being too cynical? I was too busy to watch James Bond jump because I was listening to an experienced individual who had infiltrated the office of a migration agent. That was his story and I am expected to believe it.


Adelaide Dupont said...

I think it's more like what happens to some of the Bond girls and Bond villains than to Bond himself.

I watched Quantum of Solace on the opening week. It was my very first James Bond film at the cinema. All the fast cars and the environmental destruction.

Migration agents ... are not always what they are cracked up to be.

Love the way you get your readers to think about immigration.

Donna Hosie said...

I fell asleep during Quantum of Solace. The Bond writers are trying too hard to make him like Jason Bourne.

catdownunder said...

Fell asleep Donna?

Donna Hosie said...

A film has to grab me in the first ten minutes, (ie, Star Trek) or I am afraid the inviting darkness of the auditorium sends me to sleep.

(I have three kids, I have been trying to catch up on sleep for 14 solid years!)

catdownunder said...

I have a cousin with six...home-schooled. She looks constantly tired. Her life is frenetic. She keeps telling everyone how marvellous it is. I think she may be trying to convince herself!