Thursday, 15 October 2009

Pluto arrived

yesterday. He has been absent for a couple of weeks. School holiday time means he has humans available in his immediate home territory. They are now at school. Boredom has set in. He needs to be occupied. What better way to occupy yourself than to seek out some attention elsewhere?
He comes in through the catflap. I knew there was always going to be a good reason not to get rid of the catflap and, quite clearly, this is it. My father is sweeping up some dirt. The broom turns into a plaything for a few minutes. Bored with that Pluto moves on. He makes the obligatory tour of inspection then jumps on the desk and treads, delicately, into my lap. We play "four paws in the air and kick madly at the hand tickling your tummy" before he consents to a smoothing of fur.
"Now, may I go to the Post Office?" I ask him. He watches me pull on jacket, fasten helmet and double check rucksack for the essential letters, money. He follows me to the keys and pounces on the lanyard I keep my keys on. We go out the door. I unlock the tricycle....and find that Pluto has placed himself directly in front of a wheel. I cajole. No movement. I demand. Still no movement. I back carefully. He replaces himself behind a wheel and looks at me. Cats do have expressions. His is full of mischief. He knows precisely what he is doing.
The game continues for a full five minutes before, bored, he strolls calmly off without looking back. I leave him sitting high on the fence looking down at the dog from next door.


Rachel Fenton said...

So, Pluto's not a dog?

catdownunder said...

No, I don't think, definitely a cat! :-) Odd name to give a cat.