Thursday, 8 October 2009

If you work from home

you do not 'work'. Right? I absolutely have to be wrong about this. People tell me I do not work. I do not 'go to work' so how can I work?
Yes, they understand that other people can work from home. Yes, they know that work can be done via computer link. But, "Cat, you do not work. I mean it's not like you are getting paid for it or anything is it?" "You don't have to do it. Why just you don't tell them you won't?" "I'd give it up if I were you. Why work if you are not getting paid for it?" "What do you mean you are going to take some annual leave for four days in November? You don't go to work so you can't take leave."
Now, looking after my father is not 'work'. It involves all the usual household chores but that is clearly not 'work'. Little bits of emergency child minding, sorting out bills and doing shopping for the other 'oldies' on my tricycle route is not 'work'. Watering their pot plants and feeding their cats in their absence is not 'work'. Calling in to the charity shop to sort out someone who has been sent out by Centrelink is not 'work' - after all it is not their fault they are illiterate and in a financial and social mess because of it. Definitely not work.
Then there were 92 e-mails, 87 of them requests for help for one thing or another. No, that is more non-work. There is the on-going multi-language dictionary project that has barely got off the ground because it really does need funding and a full time coordinator - and no that will not be me because, remember, I do not work (and I will not be in this instance). I have to be present in court this morning - as an advocate for someone with profound communication problems. That is not work. I cannot be paid for that. I have a degree in law. The Law Society would scream if I 'worked' without paying them a nice fat registration fee first. The writing I try to fit in between other things is not work. Writers do not work. They just sit there and write. They are like artists who play with paintbrushes all day. what is this thing called 'work'. I really do not understand. I do know it is a four letter word - and it was the reason I only had four hours sleep again last night. Perhaps if I find some 'work' I can do less?


Rachel Fenton said...

I have yet to placate my family by getting a "proper job"! I sympathise. You must, however, get some sleep! You will go psychotic on less than four hours sleep for any considerable period!

Imagine what a lot of time you could waste sleeping!? What fun!

catdownunder said...

Oh, wickedly delicious thought Rachel! :-)I must try it. Actually I am planning on the whole 8 hours tomorrow night!

Donna Hosie said...

A post after my own heart, and I am sure the heart of every domestic goddess/stay at home mum/dad there is.

Work is work, whether you are paid or not.

But I must agree with Rachel; you need more than four hours sleep.

Holly said...

Seems funny, doesn't it that this issue keeps cropping up.

For years it was the province of married women when the children left the house and they "tried to renter the work force" or divorced women (see above). Never mind all the organisations that would collapse without volunteers.

You work, and probably harder than many who are collecting a regular paycheck for a 9-5 job.

catdownunder said...

Ah well, almost six hours last night! Yes, I do need more sleep. I am getting much too old for this caper.