Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I have been writing

in between all the other things which must be done in my life. There always seem to be too many of them.
Today I am prowling off to the Showgrounds where I will do duty as a Steward and help to judge and display the handknitting. It is one of the smaller classes in the art and craft section but still an important one.
I know that, when we have put the display together, I will think that so many people will pass through and look at it all and say (hopefully) nice things. Very few of them will think of the amount of work involved or how some of us will give up another day to demonstrate our crafts.
It is the same with any exhibition. There is an enormous amount of planning beforehand. There is a lot of volunteer time involved so that others can enjoy themselves.
I do it because it may encourage someone else to take up knitting or crochet or some other craft. It may encourage them to learn the craft or a new skill within the craft. It may encourage them to join a group.
And that group may make all the difference to them. One person coming to help is very quiet but she is a good worker and, she says, she enjoys helping. She lost her son several years ago having already lost her husband - both in tragic accidents. Someone invited her to help. "We need you."
It made the difference between coping and not coping for her. She did not want to come but she was encouraged and the friend who invited her made sure we all knew what she needed. Some people need mental health care. Others need to be told they are needed.

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