Saturday, 11 August 2012

There was a "bang!"

and it was rather loud bang...and my computer went dead. The power supply had gone completely. At 5:30am, and when I am expecting to have a conversation with someone elsewhere in the world, this was somewhat disconcerting. (Yes, a slight understatement there.)
At 9:30am I was still not on line. My sister's house was still asleep. The library was not open. I 'phoned a colleague interstate and asked them to send an urgent e-mail to the person who had been expecting to hear from me - at least they had the correct e-mail address.
At 10:30am my brother-in-law who "knows about computers" was up. "It's the power supply I would think."  He came over, pulled the cover off the tower, sniffed (as I had) and said, "Has to be that." He took the tower off with him and has now returned it. I am back on line. I have done some urgent work for someone and sent it off.
You will get today's blog post tomorrow - when I write it.
And you might like to silently thank all such brothers-in-law who drop everything so that people like me can get things done.

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