Friday, 31 August 2012

Today is looking like

a repeat of some of yesterday...not all of yesterday, just some of it.
The judging for the knitting went smoothly. We were finished in good time and we should have been able to start on putting things into display cabinets etc etc. We went off and had a quick snack while making a list of issues to be raised and then it was back to the exhibition hall.
Problem. Not enough space. Cabinets had to be rearranged. Things had to be removed and rearranged in other cabinets. This was not our fault. It arose out of a misunderstanding. Right. We can cope with that.
We might have got the job done but there was another problem. This time it was a much larger problem. The judges for another craft section had not turned up. The Convenor for the overall section waited. Then she tried to phone them. Nothing and nobody.
         "Can you judge the.... section?"
         "We're desperate!"
Now I do know the craft. I can actually do it. I even know something about it but that is a far cry from knowing the finer points of the craft.
          "If I can have some help," I said and bowed to the inevitable.
A judge from another section and I went to look. We did the job. It was not too bad really because some things to look for are the same in every section. There is colour, design, even stitching, piecing together and finishing for a start.
In the end I decided it was a little like life. There are some things which should always be there.

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