Monday, 10 December 2012

I am breakfastless

this "breakfastless" a word? I am not sure. Yes, I am having one of those "fasting" blood tests this morning. It is something most of us seem to have these days. Doctors, probably rightly, insist on them.
I had to mention this to someone last night when I declined to try some of their baking - but I was given a tiny bit to take with me for today.  We also discussed what she and other people we knew ate for breakfast.
My father has exactly the same breakfast every day. Muesli (which I make), a slice of toast with marmalade and instant coffee in a mug of milk. It never varies. He does not appear to be bored with this. I doubt he is really aware of eating it. He is reading the paper while he eats.
Other people seem to do things differently.
        "Oh, I had cold pizza this morning," the baker told me.
Cold pizza? She is not the first person who has told me this and she probably will not be the last. I cannot imagine eating that for breakfast. I am not particularly fond of pizza (mostly because they tend to be rather horrid) and I think it needs to be hot - not cold.
I know my sister's boys and their friends will do this - or eat leftover Chinese. My nephews are also known to make things like pancakes (from packet mix) and French toast for breakfast. They are not alone.
Other people have "smoothies" or "breakfast bars" or "breakfast on the go" packs. I know one person who has a banana sandwich every day.
There are many people, especially older people, who have tea or coffee and toast.
And some of us usually have porridge - or cereal when it gets too hot to consider making porridge....there is something about porridge...
So, this is short this morning .... i have to head off without porridge to meet the vampire nurse...and I must mind my manners and smile nicely when she asks,
       "Have you been fasting?"


JO said...

How I hate those fasting blood tests - not even a cup of tea - I treat myself to croissant and a fancy coffee on the way home when I have mine. There have to be some consolations, surely!

catdownunder said...

Jo, I wanted a "sticky bun" with icing on top for some reason - but the bakery did not have any! I ended up with a piece of toast when I got home.