Friday, 21 December 2012

It is supposed to be the

"end of the world" today. You know what I mean. The Mayans set up a calendar and today is supposed to be the end of the world. If it is then none of us can do anything about it.
But, if we get another chance, what's on your "bucket list"...that list of things you would like to do before you die?
There is a page three picture in our state newspaper this morning of an 89yr old grandmother on the back of a jet-ski. It was something she wanted to do. Good for her.
My sister-in-law went sky diving. Her family gave it to her as a present one year because they knew she wanted to do it. My brother (who loves her dearly) was both terrified for her and proud of her for doing it.
My brother has been up in a balloon. He only told our father after he had done it.
The Senior Cat made some conjuring apparatus for one of the wold's most outstanding magicians. They met at a conference and the magician described something he wanted to be able to do when he found out the Senior Cat "made things". Seeing the item in use on stage was something the Senior Cat described as a "bucket list" moment.
One of my sisters, much more adventurous in the food department than me, has eaten snake. (I still feel ill at the very thought.)
My other sister went to Egypt. It surprised all of us but it was something on her bucket list.
I know other people who have done other "bucket list" things - one went off to a famous knitting camp in the United States, one flew to the Antarctic and back, another gained his "matriculation" at the age of 83 and a couple set up a small French restaurant - after they had "retired"!
We were discussing this before a meeting yesterday and people were mentioning things they would like to do. Most involved travel - trips around Australia in a caravan being the most popular.
Nobody asked me. When I said this someone said, "But you have already achieved yours!"
No, I have not. Oh I knew what they meant but there should always be something you want to do.
I have some big items on my list...I want to see a million trees planted, have some books published, pedal around the UK, knit a proper Shetland shawl...oh those things are just a start.
Life should be about bucket lists. What's on yours?

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Miriam said...

Of all the things you mentioned, I've only done one. I visited Egypt many years ago. We took the bus from Tel-Aviv and toured the country for a week. It was fascinating and I'd love to go back, but it's even less safe than it was then, and I felt pretty scared at the time.

I do have a bucket list of travel, getting published and more.