Saturday, 8 December 2012

I think I am lost

for words this morning. When I wrote yesterday's post there was no hint of the tragedy which was about to unfold.
It genuinely saddens me that anyone should lose their life over a stupid, unnecessary and not-funny "prank" but the nurse at the centre of the hospital prank has, apparently, committed suicide. Perhaps the prank was just "the last straw". We may never know. It makes no difference.
Despite that there is no hint - as yet - that the equally stupid and childish "prank" being played by our Prime Minister will be withdrawn. Indeed one of our senior most political commentators, Laurie Oakes, has gone so far as to praise her for doing it in a column on "The Punch". 
Someone else commented elsewhere that it was "marvellous she can show herself to be a larrikin". Really?
That any of this is going on right now surprises me. I would have thought that journalists, DJs and media commentators of any sort would have been keeping their heads down and being very cautious. I would have thought they would have been very careful to show they were responsible citizens.
Instead it is almost as if they had a death wish for themselves, for the media and for free speech. They are giving those who would like to see constraints on the media and "freedom of speech" the best possible ammunition.
It may not be adverse political commentary which brings the end to the sort of press freedoms we now have. Instead it will be stupid, childish pranks.

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Donna Hosie said...

I want to scream. I was so upset by the news of that nurse this morning.

These things are not funny. They are done without any thought as to possible consequences. That poor woman has been humiliated around the world and all because two idiots wanted to make a name for themselves.

Well, they've achieved notoriety all right.