Tuesday, 14 January 2014

I am anxiously waiting for

the Senior Cat to return from a visit to the doctor. I am not worried about why he has gone to see the doctor. It is a routine appointment for a repeat prescription that, by law, necessitates the doctor actually physically seeing him.
What I am concerned about is the heat. The medical centre staff have been very thoughtful and provided him with the first appointment of the day - 8:30am. If he arrives a few minutes earlier and his doctor has arrived she will probably see him immediately - unless there is an emergency.
I sent him off with a large bottle of water that had been in the refrigerator. He will have the sense to get another drink like an iced coffee if he thinks he needs it.
But, it is already not just warm but hot and it won't be long before it is very hot. The forecast is for 42'C in the city today. We could be looking at 44'C or more. The next few days will be the same. There will be a slight, brief respite at the end of the week before the temperature rises again.
We don't own a car so the Senior Cat has headed off on his gopher/scooter. It has a hood which will protect him from the sun but not the heat.
I know what my sister will say when she finds out. "You should have rung me. I would have taken him."
And yes, if she was free of her own round of medical appointments, she would have done so. But the Senior Cat is determined to be independent a little longer.
I can't stop him but it worries me.  I wish we had a car and I knew how to drive one.


Anonymous said...

I thought his gopher had air con Cat? :)
Seriously though, I hope he got back safely. The heat is appalling. Chris

jeanfromcornwall said...

I feel for you Cat. Although I am old enough and in enough of a medical state to qualify for all the "wrap up and keep yourself warm" admonitions, I have been finding the coolth of winter much easier to deal with than the heat of our temperate summers. I find it hard to imagine the kind of heat you are enduring and so grsteful that I don't have to experience it.

Miriam Drori said...

Sounds awful but it could be worse. I hear they're playing tennis in that heat! I hope it gets cooler soon.

catdownunder said...

It is madness Miriam - the heat on the courts is well over 50'C. I'd love to move in with you Jean - like you I'll put up with winter for cooler summers.
Chris - you know he calls it his Rolls Royce!