Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Stroppy Author has boasted

about getting some bookshelves at a car boot sale. I wonder how big they are? I mean, bookshelves have to be big - don't they?
We have a lot of bookshelves, big bookshelves.
The Senior Cat's bedroom has a bookshelf which runs the length of the room above his bed. It has two shelves. Then there is another bookshelf against one wall. There are more books elsewhere in the room.
Move along a little and there is the room which he uses as an office/study/maybe-library. There are bookshelves on three walls.
There are less books in the next room but there are some stored in the cupboards there.
My room has a wall of books on shelves - and more piled up on the desk. (The latter are mostly reference books.)
But then, matters get serious. The family room has bookshelves on three walls. These are double (and, some places, triple) stacked. There are books on the floor beside the Senior Cat's favourite chair.
And our living/sitting/whatever-you-want-to-call-it room has two more large bookshelves - again double stacked. There are also books stored in the shed and the workshop - books that "might be useful".
Duplicates? Almost never. We don't buy duplicates. Sometimes they may be given to us - and we will then pass them on to someone who needs them.
Do we ever pass any others one? Well, yes. I cleared out a pile of cookery books belonging to my mother. I don't use the sort she used. I don't often use cookery books if it comes to that. (Yes, I do cook!) There were those embroidery books too - I gave those to the state embroidery guild because I knew they would be used there.
But, passing on other books would be like handing your children over to other people to care for. It's not on.
"Too many" books you say? How can we have too many books? Books are our form of interior decoration. They insulate the house.
All we need is another bookshelf - or two.
Perhaps I should follow Stroppy Author's example and attend a sale. The problem would be - where to put another bookshelf?

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