Thursday, 23 January 2014

It seems some people cannot read

and they should be able to read.
Surely companies who send people out to door knock want their staff to be literate? I really cannot understand why they employ illiterate people in a job which clearly demands literacy,
Yes, we have a polite "do not knock" notice on the door.
Yes, three times this week we have had people knock on the door at the most inconvenient of times.
The first person was clearly unobservant.
"I didn't see that," they told me when I pointed to the notice and then they went on "But now your here...."
I gave them short-shrift. I am not interested in sports goods.
The second person told me, "But, it's for X charity..."
I never give to charity when the person is being paid to collect. If I want to donate to that charity (which is unlikely) I will do it by donating directly but it is small and obscure and should really be part of another charity.
The third person, who called at 5:50pm last night, told me, "I'm just trying to do my job". Oh yes, "the research worker". I am tired of these sort of "research workers". I know a good deal about research and this is not how it is done. You are going to ask questions and then come in with the hard sell. Out! Leave now!
Several weeks ago we had two young men turn up. They were trying to drum up business for a mobile car maintenance business. We don't own a car. That is obvious to any observant individual. They still insisted on trying to talk to us. We might, they told us, know someone who would be interested. No. We don't. Go away.
This morning there was an article on page three of the state newspaper about whether the "Do not call" register should become "opt out" rather than "opt in". I think it should be "opt out".  Allowing, as they do, political parties and charities to call is more than enough.  
It should also be extended to include those who door knock.
There should be no right to invade our privacy.


Jenny Woolf said...

Sounds like you are bugged more than I am with unsolicited calls. I just say "no thanks" very politely and shut the door before they can say any more. I really don't like people doorstepping me.

Judy Edmonds said...

I now curtly point out the Please Do Not Knock sign and say No thank you and shut the door firmly (not slammed). It helps that the dogs barks her head off at strangers until we tell her it is ok!

catdownunder said...

I think we need a fierce dog - mostly I am polite, too polite perhaps?