Thursday, 30 January 2014

I am getting a little tired of passwords

and "log in" processes on everyday computer sites. I am not in the least bit convinced they actually contribute to "security" on the average household computer.
I am not convinced they actually work even for the supposedly much more secure sites I use for work purposes. If mere teens can hack into the likes of the Pentagon computers then I am sure they will have much less difficulty into hacking into the sites I use. Let's face it the passwords are there for privacy rather than security.
I don't bank over the internet. The Senior Cat is seriously suspicious of such things. "Don't do it!" He still likes cheque books and cash and paying his bills at the Post Office or the bank - both of which will accept payment for a variety of places. He won't use direct debit either.
I keep an eye on things but the Senior Cat likes to pay the household bills himself. He can still do it - with the help of the wall calendar and multiple fridge magnets to hold the unpaid bills in place.
"You shouldn't let him do it," several people have told me, "You should do it yourself." Why? He likes to feel in control. I know what is going on because we discuss it. I know how to do it. I have done it and still do it on the occasions he cannot do it.
His method means that he does not have to remember multiple pass words. All he has to do is remember his PIN number at the bank. He is suspicious even of that. The system once went haywire while he was at a conference interstate and he would have been stranded without any money had it not been for a fellow conference attendee who provided him with a small overnight loan. He missed a conference session to go into the bank the following morning - so did a number of others.
I do need to remember multiple passwords - several of them are quite complex.
I have a password for the library. When they changed the system "passwords" were given to everyone...the last four digits on the card.
"You can change it if you want to," I was told.
I did. I changed it back to my previous password - one that makes sense to me.
Yesterday though I was in the library. I needed to access a computer for a moment. You need your card to do that - and then you need to put in your password.
I could not log in. I thought about it for a moment and then retried using the last four digits on the card. Success. So much for passwords and changing passwords.
Now really, what is the point of a password?

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