Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A hair cut?

The Senior Cat is in need of a hair cut. It has reached the "just starting to grow over the ears" length. It is down to his collar, indeed perhaps a little below it.
I finally growled. He looked meek and agreed. It has still taken a week for him to find the time but he has informed me he intends to go this morning.
His barber has a go at him each time he comes in, "You should have come to see me before. Don't you want to chat to a friend?"
In all likelihood it will not be his barber who actually cuts his hair. It will be the lovely young Korean woman who is his assistant. She gets on well with the Senior Cat too.
So, why doesn't he go when he should? I don't know.
I cannot really say anything. I don't use the services of a hairdresser. My hair is long and, normally, I just tie it back. It is a style which suits the compulsory bike helmet. I am, if truth be known, not too fussed. I like my hair to be clean. I like me and my clothes to be clean and tidy and respectable but I don't do fashion or fashionable hair. I don't colour my hair. I don't get it tipped or layered or permed or plaited in teensy tiny plaits.
I had plaits as a child. They were tied of with rubber bands cut from old bicycle tyres. On Sundays I wore ribbons tied to the end of the plaits. My mother cut me a fringe on the first day of school. I came home from school with it clipped back - and a rash across my forehead. The fringe had irritated me. It was a nuisance until it grew out again and, for once, my mother did not persist I try to keep it. I still cannot handle having my hair hanging around my face.
I sometimes glance at hairdressing salons as I pass. I wonder what it would be like to sit in one of those chairs and have someone else wash, cut, colour, curl and dry my hair. I shudder at the thought.
My paternal grandmother had long hair all her life. She never once went to the hairdresser. It must have saved my grandfather a small fortune over the years.  
It saves time too. I think I will keep my head fur long but the Senior Cat needs to keep his short!

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