Saturday, 14 June 2014

I always have two

knitting projects on the go. One is my "house" project and it tends to be a little more complicated. It will be something that requires more concentration or multiple balls of yarn or something else which means it does not travel well.
And I have my other project. It travels with me so that I can knit while waiting, knit while I am travelling on the train or in a car. Most of the time that project is small - socks or mittens, a hat or scarf. Yesterday it was socks.
I did not have a great deal of time yesterday - and it was raining.
But the solicitor finally returned the forms and I did as I had promised I would do. I went straight down to the hospital and waited while they copied them and certified they had seen the original documents and then put the copies into my friend's file.
All that took time so I knitted while I waited.
Remember a little while ago I wrote about the new patient who seemed confused and silent? The nurses' station is adjacent to a sort of sitting area. The television set is there and I thought he was perhaps going to watch television. It may even have been what he intended but he stopped by the first chair and stared across at me.
Then he smiled slowly and, still slowly, he came up to me. He stood there and I held the knitting up so that he could see it.
He looked carefully at it and then, slowly, held out his hand for it.
Not knowing what else to do I passed it over and then watched.
He looked at me and then he started to knit. The first few stitches were hesitant and then he seemed to remember. He knitted an entire round before passing it back to me. He held up his right hand and gave me a high five.
Then he wandered into the television area and sat down and stared at the screen for a moment before he looked down at his hands.
The tea lady said, "He needs some knitting."
Yes, he needs some knitting. I hope they realise that.


Judy Edmonds said...

Socks are my default travel project. I wonder if he had been a prollific knitter in the past? I do hope someone helps him to do a project of some sort now.

catdownunder said...

I dare not interfere but I long to take him wool and needles on my next visit!

Anonymous said...

Sad part is that it took a visitor and the tea lady to notice!