Friday, 13 June 2014

I want to rub yesterday out

and start again - please!
To start with there was a massive pile in my in-box - most of it labelled with "do by yesterday" urgency. Okay, that happens. I can, most of the time, handle that.
There was shopping to be done. The shopping centre was unnaturally quiet for a Thursday but, for some reason, that seemed to mean people thought I had time to talk to them. I did make time because most of them are not merely elderly but might even be considered "old" by some.
And, having done that, I did something I have done perhaps twice before. I bought some pre-grated cheese in the dairy section of the supermarket. The reason for that? To save some time when I arrived home  and was making lunch for the Senior Cat. On the advice of the doctor we eat our main meal in the middle of the day. It is better for the Senior Cat.
I was making something we call "mornay". It gets a cheese sauce poured over the ingredients before you put it into the oven. The packet of grated cheese is exactly the right weight for a double quantity of the sauce.
I opened the packet and upended it the saucepan - and discovered the cheese was mouldy.
We had some distinctly unhealthy sausage rolls for lunch. They were in the freezer and were there as a planned "treat" for a Sunday night tea.
I took the empty packet back to the supermarket and explained. I did it very nicely by suggesting that they might want to check the other packets with the same use by date. Alarm! Consternation! The girl I spoke to told me to stay where I was and rushed off to the manager. I waited. I waited.
Eventually she came back with another packet of cheese - a different brand. I suspect there was something wrong but of course they were not going to admit it.
Moral, do not buy pre-grated cheese. It does not save time. Moral, check the cheese when you buy it. More haste, less speed.
Adding to my frustrations my cousin phoned. I was expecting to hear from him. He is here from London for his stepfather's funeral. He will, hopefully, come to see us this afternoon - and then again before he has to go back. I need to talk to him - or rather, I suspect he will need to talk to me.
For that reason I had hoped that the documents I am expecting from the solicitor would have arrived yesterday. They did not...although she said she was posting them on Tuesday. So far the solicitor has proved more than usually reliable so I suspect that the postal service is at fault. If they had arrived I could have gone down to the hospital yesterday and dealt with business there but that would have made life simple. I now need to go today - if the documents arrive.
I also had to make a trip to the library. The Senior Cat needed some pages laminated. I needed to pick up a book.
There were more e-mails snapping and snarling at me when I arrived home...and then we had an unexpected visitor in need of help.
Somewhere among all of this I managed to get some meals. I did not do the ironing - although I suppose I could have done it about eight o'clock last night. I did not get any writing done...apart from the blog post.
I did manage to feed the Senior Cat. I did manage to control my temper.
I suppose I achieved something?

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jeanfromcornwall said...

For sure you achieved something - you survived. Funny how it is always the ironing that drops by the wayside on days like that!
By the way, you can freezed grated cheese in the bag, and, provided it doesn't get compressed until it is frozen, it remains crumble-able, though it does tend to lose some flavour. Still good enough for emergencies.