Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Senior Cat

had forgotten to get some medication when he was out earlier in the week so I had to prowl off to the chemist yesterday.
I normally avoid the shopping centre on a Saturday morning. It tends to be crowded. It is sometimes difficult to park the tricycle in the usual spot because the bicyclists have arrived to have coffee. (I have never been able to work out whether they have been for their ride and need caffeine or whether they are stoking up on caffeine for their ride.)
Yesterday was no exception - except the bicyclists made space for me with cheerful comments. I headed for the chemist shop but, before I could get that far, I was met with television cameras, film crews, our local federal member of parliament, a member of the state parliament and various party workers. They were there to gauge whether people were still feeling angry about the defection of the local state member of parliament.  There should have been a notice which said, "Queue here to sign the petition" but perhaps they didn't need it because people were lining up - even people who had not voted for the defector. They still want him out.
I know they have to try. I doubt it will do any good.
Our local federal member of parliament and I know each other. I knew him before he entered politics. We chatted briefly.
"No time off this weekend?" I asked.
"Not a hope."
His son, who is still young, came wandering up. He smiled at me and I asked, "Helping out?"
"Not really but I get to see Dad this way."
The two of them gave one another a playful knock and fond look.
I went on to the chemist pondering that. He's a nice boy. I have no doubt his father tries to be a good father. The job is demanding. It means his father is often away in Canberra. No doubt they Skype to keep in touch.
The Senior Cat had a very demanding job too. He was often out in the evenings as well as leaving early for his school and coming home quite late. Even at home he would have paperwork to deal with and we would not see a lot of him - or of our mother. But, they were there. 
The defector also has a son about the same age. The defector has taken up a new Ministry. The nature of this particular ministry is such he is going to find the job even more difficult than it might be. It is an area which requires a high degree of trust. People will not trust him. Some will see the potential for security to be compromised. It will mean longer hours and even greater stress. He won't be able to take his son to meetings so they can see one another.
I wonder if the defector has really thought about these things. Has he thought about anyone other than himself?

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