Thursday, 1 January 2015

I had to rush out and

water some drooping plants this morning. They had been watered last night but the day promises to be rather too warm for comfort. The next few days will, apparently, be more of the same.  We will endeavour to keep the garden alive but I know that we will lose some things and that it will all be something of a battle.
The weather will also mean staying inside and drinking a lot of water and trying to stay as cool as possible. Air conditioning has its limits and there is every likelihood of power cuts.
The Senior Cat gets frustrated in such weather. In daylight hours he is out in the garden or in the shed. He wants to "get things done". He is not someone who can happily sit and watch sport on television. He doesn't watch sport at all. He watches almost no television.
So, why did we give him his personal DVD player for Christmas and birthday? The reason is simple. He loves British comedy. With earphones he can still hear it well enough to enjoy it. After the heat of last summer we decided that he needed to be able to just relax. If the player is fully charged it will give him about ninety minutes of good entertainment - a change from reading, working out magic puzzles and lessons, wooden puzzles (not the jigsaw sort), origami puzzles and so on. Yes, he keeps himself entertained but the DVD player will add to that.
We have ordered "The Good Life" and "Keeping Up Appearances" for him. He only ever saw some episodes. Someone I know has given him "The Vicar of Dibley" - again he missed most of those at the time and someone else has promised me the loan of their copy of "To the Manor Born".  All of them are, according to the Senior Cat, "marvellous British comedy". He might even get around to watching the not funny but rather pleasant, "Hetty Wainthropp" series someone else dropped in for him yesterday. He also has a set of old films given to him by a friend of mine who returned to the US. It includes such things as "The Lady Vanishes". It will be interesting to see what he now makes of them and whether he can be bothered to watch them to their conclusion.
"I mustn't watch too much," he told me. How much is too much if you are laughing?


Anonymous said...

NEVER too much if you are laughing!

catdownunder said...

He is currently outside watering plants but I suspect that there will be some chuckles later.