Monday, 19 January 2015

Why do people want to go to

Bali on holiday anyway?
The Whirlwind came back from holiday yesterday. She and her father went to a fairly remote beach location in this state. They "didn't do much" according to her. Was she bored? No.
"I did heaps of reading. I used up two big sketchpads and three little ones. We played chess and Scrabble and we started to learn how to play Go. It's harder than chess..." and so she went on - enthusiastically.
A friend of hers went to Bali with her family. I asked what said friend had thought of it.
"I don't think she liked it."
I must investigate further.
One of my nephews went to Bali with a friend. They did not go to the tourist part. My nephew never did see the tourist strip. He didn't want to. The two boys went to a quiet, very quiet, part of the north. They stayed a fortnight. My nephew was ready to come home after a week. He could lie on the beach here. (He isn't really interested in doing it anywhere.)
I don't understand the fascination with Bali. I know people who have been more than once - and would go again. They don't venture out of the tourist area. They seem to believe they have been somewhere exotic on holiday. Perhaps it is - for them. I rather suspect Bali is a money-laundering site for a certain group.
Drugs? People who have come back seem to fall into two groups. Either they say nobody offered them any or that they are readily available. I don't know.
I wouldn't take the risk. As I have said elsewhere I am opposed to the death penalty. The last man to be hung in England was not the man who pulled the trigger - although he was present at the scene of the crime. The other man was too young. They ended up changing his identity and sending him to New Zealand.
Bali has just executed six people for drug offences. There will be more executions. I don't think anyone should doubt that. Nor should anyone doubt that the vicious drug trade will continue.  Those at the very top are safe as long as they remain at the top - and people continue to holiday in Bali.
I think the Whirlwind probably had the better holiday.


Judy Edmonds said...

The only people I know of who have what I would consider to be interesting holidays in Bali are a textile artist who goes on batik retreats in remote areas, and a musicologist who vists remote villages to study musicians. I wouldn't go there at all. The Whirlwind's holiday sounds much like mine to Merimbula in December, which was very relaxing.

catdownunder said...

Senior Cat's brother went eight times - he was learning traditional potting skills from villagers - still wouldn't make me want to go. (No knitting!)