Friday, 9 January 2015

No, I am not going to be silenced

either. I think I have calmed down enough to write this now.
Yesterday, in the normally fairly peaceful surrounds of the library, I was accosted by a man who told me I should cease writing this blog and cease writing letters to the editor. He informed me it was "not safe" to do this.
        "People like you are what make people like those terrorists kill people. You're just as bad as they are. They should lock you all up and throw away the key."
I don't know this man. I have seen him before but he had never as much as acknowledged me - until yesterday. If anyone had asked me I would have assumed he was a normal, reasonable individual. Yesterday's behaviour however was not normal or reasonable.
Obviously he knew me. He knew my Letters to the Editor activities. I admit to a little stirring there - sometimes at the request of someone on the staff.  I do not set out to offend people, indeed I do my utmost not to offend - but I do try to make people think.  I see the Letters page as a place for alternative views and additions to debate.
Apparently this is wrong. All such activities should cease. All blogging should cease. Twitter and Facebook and all other forms of social media would be banned under this man's governance.
And that is surely just what the terrorists who committed yesterday's atrocities (yes, there was more than one) want. They want everyone to think just one way - their way.
Well, I'm sorry but I am not going to be told how to think. I am not going to be silenced.


Nicole MacDonald said...

Clearly he lacks the perspective to see that if anything HE is as bad as the terrorists. What a smallminded numpkin.

Anonymous said...

I love reading the letters to the editor as they frequently expand on article, present a different point of view, or bring up something which should be debated. They make me think and consider other points of view.

Cat, keep on writing, please. And more of us should start writing in if we have something pertinent to say.

Better that people write to the editor and engage in discussion than foment ideas and action covertly.

LMcC 4120

Helen Devries said...

What a strange man....and how rude of him.

Judy Edmonds said...

People like him are the exact reason why you SHOULD continue. Silly man.

Anonymous said...

The other Judy said it well! And why we should all write to and email those who are in powerful positions and let them know what we think.

catdownunder said...

well get started folks - letters to the editor perhaps?