Tuesday, 6 January 2015

I think i might need to talk about magic....

Somebody I don't know sent the above quote to someone I do (virtually) know and I suspect it is something she related to instantly. And, as a quote, it appealed to me too.
I wanted to find something more cheerful to write about today. There has been a bit too much tension and gloom and doom in my life in the past few days. Bushfires tend to do that to me - and to other people.
So, a little magic.
The Senior Cat likes playing with magic. (He's an OM if anyone is interested - Order of Merlin.) He does things with cards, coins, silk handkerchiefs, cups and balls and other things. He knows how to "saw a lady in half" and many other things. It is not my cup of tea as they say, not my sort of magic.
But he likes other magic too - the magic of gardening and carpentry and reading and talking with friends. Yes, it's all magic.
Creating good things, useful things, beautiful things is all magic.
There is the magic of reading the new book. There is the magic of finding yourself or someone you know in a book - and seeing them in a new way.
Cooking is magic too - even just putting all the ingredients in a bread machine and, hours later, opening the lid to discover that there is something completely different inside.
I can put my paw out and push the button at the pedestrian crossing and stop a fuel tanker, a lorry, a bus, a car. Magic.
An acquaintance of the Senior Cat once bemoaned the fact that magic (as in conjuring) was less popular because people were surrounded by things like lifts, escalators, doors that open as you walk towards them, television, the internet and so on. He was wrong. Magic is more popular than it ever was but people don't recognise it as such.
Some time ago I watched a small boy walking up to an automatic door. It opened. He stopped. It closed again. He walked back towards his father and it opened as he moved again. He stopped. This went on for some time and it must have seemed magical to him. Oh yes, he will grow out of it and will only notice an automatic door if it doesn't work. It's still magic. We just have to recognise it as such.

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