Sunday, 24 May 2015

Is this Eurovision

thing actually important? 
There has been an even bigger fuss about it in Downunder this year. The reason for this is that Downunder, despite not being part of Europe, had an entrant in it. Please don't ask me how Downunder suddenly became part of Eurovision. I don't know. I suspect that (a) money and (b) (media) politics were part of it. 
I had actually heard of Guy Sebastian. For a cat with no interest in "pop" music this  is not the achievement it would appear to be. You see Guy Sebastian originally came from my part of Downunder.  
At the time he made his "debut" on the national stage he was a member of a charismatic, fundamentalist church on the other side of the city. On Sundays they attracted large crowds of young people for what amounted to a free rock/pop concert. Yes, the "message" was there too but the music is, I suspect, what brought many of them in. It would be interesting to know how many of them still go to church - or whether they have been replaced by other young people.  Here's hoping that, even if they no longer go to church, some of the good in the message that came with the music has stayed with them.
But, I digress. Guy Sebastian was part of that group. There was/is a television show called "Australian Idol". I don't know much about it except that people vote in it. 
Before that happens however there are auditions. I do know about these because, the year Guy Sebastian entered, my nephews did as well. It was the first year of the event. They went along to the auditions for the experience, to find out what they could learn and to see if they get a song on air. They achieved all these things.  It was as far as they went.
I happened to meet one of the judges a couple of years later. I had no idea who he was but he made a point of seeking me out at another function and introducing himself. 
"I just want you to know," he told me, "that your nephews are very, very good. They were better than the winner but we thought they were too young."
Then he asked me, "Would you mind telling me what they are doing now?"
I told him they were both at university but they were still doing gigs. He nodded and said, "That's good. It means we made the right decision."
Yes, it was the right decision. My nephews would not have had the same voting power behind them. Guy Sebastian had a massive support group who mobilised even more support. I assume he also has talent but I don't presume to understand his sort of music - or that of my nephews. Those contests are about politics and people and being able to market yourself and gain the support. They may require some talent but they are not - as far as I can see  - about talent.
I am also glad for other reasons. We now have two caring, professional, and personable young men in the family. If they lived in the same state they would still do gigs together and give the money to charity. They won't make millions. Guy Sebastian might but I think my nephews will be more satisfied with their current careers.

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