Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Senior Cat's i-pad

cover is looking a little worse for wear. I noted this last night when Youngest Nephew came to pick us up. He was home for the weekend to see his mother (Middle Cat) and we had been invited over for the evening meal.
"I want to know how to do something," the Senior Cat told Youngest Nephew. 
Youngest Nephew is good at this sort of thing. He is very computer literate and he is also a good teacher. He has an excellent command of language and he can adjust it to explain in terms that people understand. 
He also expressed no surprise that the Senior Cat would want to know how to do something. It will be when the Senior Cat shows no interest that we will start to be concerned. 
While they were talking Middle Cat, who was lying on the couch with a purring cat on top of her, consulted me about another problem. 
The husband of someone she knows has just had a neurological incident. He was in rehab when she was there. He's young. He's a doctor. He needs some help. 
His speech, one of his chief tools, went for a while. Some of it has returned.  He did get some immediate speech therapy but the sort that rehab can provide is not the sort of help he needs.
He is having problems seeing and processing what he sees. He cannot read - yet.
According to Middle Cat his attitude is positive.  He's working on his problems.
Middle Cat, as is her wont, dobbed me in to give some help. His wife may call me and I will help if I can. I'll help because he is trying to help himself.
I don't mind helping people who want to help themselves. It has always been that way in our extended clan. My paternal great-grandmother set the example and it has carried on down through the generations. 
I wonder sometimes whether her parents also set an example and whether it stretches back and back. I hadn't inquired what the Senior Cat wanted to know but it turned out to be something to do with helping someone else. 
I hope I can still be like that when I am as old as the Senior Cat.

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