Saturday, 22 August 2015

"Are we ready to be invaded?"

the Senior Cat has been prowling around the house "putting things away".
We are not tidy. Things tend to get left around. A friend who came earlier in the week said cheerfully, "It looks like my place."
It doesn't. There is only one person in her house. She is much tidier - apart from her work space. 
Unless you are a person who needs "everything in the right place" then people probably feel quite comfortable in our place. There are books and papers lying around. There is my knitting and all the yarn which goes with it. There might be the Senior Cat's gardening hat on a door knob. There is a box of tins and packets of food next to the bookshelf - ready for the Senior Cat to take to his church's food bank. In winter there will be washing on the "clothes horses" and a jumper or two hanging over the back of a chair.
But, we have small children coming - one of them is very small. Things need to be "put away". 
I suspect the mother of the smallest kitten will be less worried than the Senior Cat. Motherhood is something she has taken in her stride. Her children are active, independent and always doing something. 
I have "busy bags" for them because I know there will be times when they need "something to do" and there is a limit to the number of toys you can bring on a plane for just a long weekend. 
There is my library and the building blocks and the bears will be sitting on chairs waiting to greet them.
I think we are ready to be invaded. 


jeanfromcornwall said...

Do enjoy your invasion! We were invaded by the smallest of our tribe a couple of weeks ago. We are visiting them back tomorrow, and I have had to take a photo of the two holes they dug in the garden, to prove that we are looking after them and hoping to put a plant or so in there if one crops up.

catdownunder said...

I have survived day two - just! It tells me why people should have children when young. But, on the whole, very well behaved little kittens!