Wednesday, 5 August 2015

There was a $79bn

announcement yesterday. It should have been good news. The government was offering to invest money in the state with the highest unemployment rate - a lot of money. 
I wish we didn't need any sort of navy - indeed armed forces of any sort. The world would probably be a nicer place without such things -  but the reality is we do have such things and money is spent on them. So, we build things like submarines and frigates and there is a history of doing it in the state with high unemployment.
The Downunder Prime Minister arrived and announced money would be spent - but not before the state newspaper had "leaked" it.
That was yesterday. 
This morning the negative comments rolled in. Some of them were along the lines that the present government has a record of broken promises so it won't happen. Let's ignore the fact that the present government is having a hard time getting the Senate to agree to anything. (Oh yes, both sides of politics can play that game.)
The unions were saying, "So what? This is what we deserve." (Let's ignore the problems with building the submarines.) The Premier of the state was claiming it was all the work of his government and that the federal one hadn't wanted to do it in the state at all. (Let's ignore the fact that the state Minister responsible actually made it much more difficult by betraying his electorate.) The Premier of a neighbouring state was complaining about the way they have been treated because jobs will be lost there. (Let's ignore the problems with industrial action there.)  An "independent" politician who gets plenty of press coverage was sounding off too. (Let's ignore the fact that he never has to put his promises into action.)
And of course everyone but the government is saying "It's political. The government is only doing it to prop up three seats in the state for the next election." 
Mmm...expensive way of maybe winning three seats. Isn't politics lovely?
PS  I forgot to add that one of the candidates for position of Speaker is also in a marginal seat in the same state. If he was given the role then it will be to "prop  up his chances of re-election". 

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