Sunday, 30 August 2015

There was a small disaster on the pedalling

front on Friday. 
I had to go back to the show-grounds. We had struck some problems putting the display up - missing items (found) and things that had been wrongly labelled (re-labelled) and not enough space to display things properly (massive re-arrangements necessary).
All that necessitated me prowling back to help. I had not planned on that.
On the way there a small disaster struck. No, not a puncture. (I live in fear of those as my paws are not able to change the inner tubes.)
I went over a bump - and the left hand rear mudguard went "bang, clatter, screech" and then there was an ominous scraping along the tyre wall. I stopped. I investigated.  Oh. There must have been a weak point in one of the stays that  hold the mudguard to the axle. It had snapped. 
I don't get far without my pedals so I straightened it cautiously and, very slowly, pedalled in to the show grounds. 
"What's wrong Cat?" the Convenor of the area asked when I moaned disaster had struck to someone else.
I told her. 
"Oh H will be in later. I'll get him to have a look."
H is her husband. He is one of those practical, sensible, able humans. I knew he would be able to take the mudguard off so I got on with the task ahead of me. We had struck a few more problems - nothing to do with what we had done the day before but were due to the incompetence of someone who had been there before that.
But H turned up in time for the mid-morning cup of tea and said,
"Don't worry. I'll give you and the trike a lift  home if necessary."
I showed him where I had "parked" and went back to work.
About ten minutes later he came in carrying the mudguard.
"It can be fixed - needs a little welding, that's all."
He showed me.
My brother-in-law can do that. He taught himself to weld years ago and is better than many professionals - simply because, as an engineer, he likes things to be "just right". 
"But let me know if there's a problem getting it back on,"H told me, "And I'll come down and fix it for you."
And then he gave me a brief, one armed hug. It was just a warm, friendly gesture and one with which I felt perfectly comfortable . As he did it his wife gave me a discreet "thumbs up".
"I wouldn't have let him do that," someone else said as he went off.
I looked at her and said nothing but I thought it was a sad commentary that she felt it was wrong for someone I know and trust to give me a brief, one armed hug in front of his wife in a public place. It told me something quite different. It told me that he and his wife have a rock steady relationship (and have had for more than forty years) and that they don't mind showing it. 
It also showed me that he cared.  


Judy Edmonds said...

Good grief, some people are strange! It's sad that people could find something wrong in a simple gesture of kindliness. Hope the trike has recovered :)

catdownunder said...

I found it sad too Judy.
The part is repaired but the Senior Cat tells me I need to "hold something" this morning. I think we can do it between us! (My BIL welded the piece and then made a spare as well!)

Anonymous said...

I find it sad as well, and I glad to know the trike is mended too.