Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The media is trying hard

to be even more anti-the-present-g0vernment. The Prime Minister is now behind the Opposition Leader in the polls - hardly surprising given the careful undermining which has been going on.
I have my arguments with the present PM  but I also have them with the present OL. He does not come over as a "nice" person at all. He would have condoned the recent vile machinations.
There is a to be a by-election in another state. It follows the sudden death of a well respected and popular member of parliament. Immediately following his death nice things were said on both sides of politics - and rightly so  because he was serving his electorate well.
Now the gloves are off. The choice is between a union oriented young lawyer or a former soldier, also young, who has served  his country with particular courage and distinction. The former soldier is getting a hard time of it. He is everything the electorate should want, committed, courageous, able to lead, loyal and principled. He has put his life on the line more than once. I wish we didn't need armed services but, if we do, then let them be filled with people like him.
And then the media comes along. They came along with a "story" which was not a story at all. In the soldier's absence part of the unit he led was "investigated" for "cutting off the hands" of enemy combatants. As I understand it this is standard and accepted as a means of taking the hands so that finger prints can identify those involved so that they can, where possible, be returned for a decent burial. It is done for the best of reasons rather than for the purpose of deliberate mutilation. I still think it is a vile thing to do but when you know that the "story" takes on a different meaning.
It was however written and repeated in such a way as to deliberately give a completely different impression. 
First impressions count. People often go no further. They will not listen to explanations. The media knows that. It was a deliberate and partisan attempt by the media to destroy someone's reputation. It was done in such a way that there was no chance of bringing a libel action. 
It was wrong. I hope there are enough fair-minded people out there who will recognise what has happened and replace a committed man with a courageous man. The other candidate's team is just cowardly.


Judy Edmonds said...

I am SO SICK of both the PM and the OP, and the media in general!

catdownunder said...

try not to look at the Guardian website today - I was foolish enough to comment and the vile comments which followed make me wonder just how low people can go