Sunday, 25 October 2015

Currently on the kitchen table

there is a little less than usual. I am grateful there isn't a chain saw.  Other people are apparently not quite so lucky.  Someone of my (virtual) acquaintance has a partner who is liable to leave such things lying around. The Senior Cat does not have a chain saw. 
I may find it on the table if he did have such a thing.
I am liable to find pieces of timber. I am liable to find glue. There could be a router cutter - or two. There might be screws and "biscuits" (not the sort you eat) and hinges. 
There is always at least one book - and, much more likely, usually four or five. They sit next to or underneath the day's paper. There will be pieces of paper with roughed out designs. There are post-it notes with reminders of appointments or to make phone calls or to do something else. 
Somehow I managed to find room for two place settings. I move some of those things on to a chair. The Senior Cat moves them back again. I suggest he might put things elsewhere. No. He needs them there. Right. Perhaps he does.
This morning he is eating breakfast and looking at the two wooden shawl pins he "borrowed" from me. He is scribbling down thoughts about "how" to make more like them. He's only almost 93. He is still learning how to do things.
I don't care what's on the table if that is happening. 


Helen Devries said...

It's great that he is still so full of life and living.
My husband fills up one table and then moves to the next to renew activity....

Philip C James said...

Tables are a recent innovation but were a Godsend to neolithic man.

We've always been able to eat a haunch while resting on our haunches but tables ensured we had somewhere to manager our collection of antlers and sabre-toothed tigers' teeth.

A friend almost got used to her man keeping engine parts on the table. It's when he started assembling parts for a cold fusion reactor she put her food down...

Anonymous said...

Cat, I am reminded of the story your father told me - about the motor bike in the lounge at the B & B - because the woman was tired of her husband having it in the bedroom. Chris