Tuesday, 20 October 2015

There is something wrong with the

media in this country - and no, it is not just because so much of it is controlled by Mr Murdoch. 
Much of yesterday was taken up with the "news" that a small coffee type table had been damaged during a farewell party for the previous PM. Oh, did the Opposition and the media make much of this. It was an oh so convenient story to distract attention from some serious issues coming out of the Trade Union Royal Commission and the failure of the Opposition to make the mud stick on the financial affairs of the present PM. There was also the possibility of making sure that some inconvenient facts concerning a couple of  other stories could be quietly pushed under the carpet. Nobody was going to notice.
The Opposition and the media knew yesterday that the damage to the coffee table was going to be paid for but it would not have been a story if they had told the public that. (It is there this morning though - a tiny paragraph in the paper.)
Nothing at all has been said about the issues in front of the TURC.  Instead much was made of the fact that a trade union official was not found guilty of corruption because the prosecution produced no evidence in court. Nobody would dare to mention what was going on behind the scenes.
The financial affairs of the present PM are still an issue for the media too. They are trying hard. It stops people asking questions about inconsistencies in yet another story.
I am not sure where to start on this one. The story seems to go like this. A young, female, Somali refugee on Nauru has alleged she was raped and that she is pregnant as a result. She then allegedly refused to cooperate with the police on Nauru. They could find no evidence without her cooperation and abandoned the case.  
She then allegedly told people she wanted an abortion. Abortion on Nauru is illegal so she was flown to Australia for medical treatment. She was housed in a detention centre and she did receive medical care on eleven different occasions. On seven of those occasions she had an interpreter present. She then, allegedly, decided not to have the abortion and she was flown back to Nauru. 
Now refugee advocates and the media are claiming that she was confused, did not have proper access to an interpreter or medical care. They are saying she should be allowed to remain in Australia.
All that is something I cannot comment on but I can comment on something else.
A "letter" has been produced which, it is claimed, was written by her.
If she genuinely needed an interpreter she did not write that letter. She may, although even this is doubtful, have copied the marks on another piece of paper. It is extremely unlikely. The penmanship is too good for that.
A female Somali refugee is likely to speak Somali or Arabic. The alphabets for both languages are nothing like the alphabet used to write English. If this refugee can write the English alphabet this well then it is likely she also speaks English. 
Then we need to look at the language used in the "letter" which was written. It reads the way a lawyer would write it. It is the sort of letter I might write for a client to use if I was giving a client legal advice. If I was giving a client non-legal advice then I would write it quite differently.
I have no reason to believe that a good advocate or a sound lawyer would do it any differently.
The real story here is the one that has not been printed or aired - and it will not be printed or aired. It disgusts me.
This young woman is being used by refugee advocates and lawyers to try and put political pressure on the government to change the "refugee policy". The media is colluding with this.
I wonder what this young woman was promised by those who are manipulating her? Yes, she is being manipulated. It is a far more serious matter than a broken coffee table which, in all likelihood, someone tripped over in a careless moment. This is someone's life and emotions and, possibly, the life of an unborn child. 
Yes, successive governments have much to answer for but it seems refugee advocates and their lawyers have even more. 


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