Sunday, 18 October 2015

I bought Peter Garrett's autobiography

as a birthday present for the Doctor-nephew. It's his birthday today. He is, according to his own reckoning, "not much of a reader". What he really means is that he doesn't read fiction. He reads massive amounts for his work. (He is currently doing some research as well as the normal amount young doctors need to read.) He reads a good deal of other non-fiction too. People interest him. He loves the animal world, cars, music and much more.
I told Middle-Cat (his mother) what I had bought him and she said, "He won't know who Peter Garrett is."
Youngest Nephew happened to be there at the time and, in the overly patient tones of a kitten explaining to a parent, said, "Mum, everyone knows who Peter Garrett is."
Then he turned to me and said, "That's cool. He's led a pretty amazing life. I'll read it too when big bro' has finished with it."
And then the Senior Cat chimed in, "He's a rock star turned politician isn't he?"
Middle Cat looked slightly stunned.The Senior Cat knew that? I suspect she would be quite surprised at what the Senior Cat knows. He reads.
I think Middle Cat might be surprised at what her boys know too. I am completely confident in my choice of book. Her eldest will not only know who Peter Garrett is but he will probably be able to name a few Midnight Oil hits and something about their style. 
It's not my sort of music but I can boast about having been to the same law school as PG. We were reminded of the fact more than once during my tenure. 
He came back once while I was there and he has a handshake like a vice. He also reads books.  

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