Thursday, 8 October 2015

We had an invasion

yesterday. We were expecting some of them - in two waves. The first wave arrived and announced cheerfully,
      "Hope you don't mind but J... and J... are coming too. We brought extra food."
The second wave arrived as she finished speaking. 
Well no, we didn't mind. It wasn't entirely unexpected and even without the "extra food" there was more bread available for sandwiches.
They settled in, prowling the bookshelves and finding out what the Senior Cat planned to teach the kittens - magic and lots of it. We cats caught up on news with pictures rather than news without pictures. 
All apart from husband of Cousin Cat. 
        "Having a problem with your i-pad?" he asked the Senior Cat and held out his paw.
 The Senior Cat admitted he was and meekly handed it over.  Husband of Cousin Cat is a technical whizz. He can build a computer. He knows about things like LINUX. He was almost purring at the thought of a problem which needed fixing. 
Now, other people have tried to fix the problem - and they couldn't.
Even the senior most person in "the Apple place in the city" couldn't fix it. 
Husband of Cousin Cat took it off. I heard him talking to someone and then to someone else. He interrupted the Senior Cat several times. He asked questions. He had the Senior Cat talk to two more people - and had to help out when the Senior Cat could not understand a heavy accent from the Indian sub-continent. On it went. He went on working through his share of sandwiches and quiche. He prowled outside, still talking on the phone while he licked an icecream held in the other paw. He pushed buttons. He typed. He talked some more. 
At the end of it all he said to me, "All I need to do now is hook it up to my Mac and download the updates. How soon does he want it back?"
"He can wait until he goes out with M... to see their cousin," I told him, "In the meantime if he needs to look anything up I will do it for him."
He gave a particularly Chesire Cat like grin and closed it. He drank tea. He caught up on his own work while the kittens went on with their magic lessons. 
I understand what he did up to a point. I could not have done it. I know nothing about i-pads. When the Senior Cat runs into trouble I have to work on cat-logic rather than computer-logic to see if I can solve the problem. I tried to explain to the Senior Cat later - because he asked - but the explanation was beyond him. His skills are "basic". He can search for the information he wants. He can't use the e-mail function. He refuses to even try.
"I feel guilty about J... spending all that time," the Senior Cat told me.
"Don't," I told him, "J... was enjoying himself. It's the sort of challenge he loves. He felt he was repaying you for what you were doing too."
"Oh...I had better get started on some more for them for after Christmas,"the Senior Cat said. (They will come again then because it is school holiday time.)
He prowled off and I heard him muttering, "Now the book with..." 
Magic books were hauled from the shelves. He is planning. The kittens are planning their performances at their community hall in the country town they live in. J...spent a happy day challenged by the sort of problem he loves. 
The rest of us searched the shelves and a pile of books - philosophy, religion, psychology, and fiction went off with them. 
I reckon we might be happy to endure another invasion in three months!

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