Sunday, 22 November 2015

Conversation with a friend

is important,very important. I discovered this yet again yesterday.
I was planning on doing something else yesterday afternoon. It was the day we have our social gathering at the knitting guild. It's a chance to sit, knit, talk. You can find out what other people are knitting and so on - or that is what most people do.
I usually use at least some - if not most - of the time to do my work as librarian. Books get returned to the shelves, minor repairs get done, new books get processed. I find information for people. I sort out knitting problems and so on. It is all part of being the librarian. I do the job because I am not much of a house elf. I am no good at carrying cups of tea or shifting the tables back to their storage space. I can never get there on time to be on door duty. 
In the New Year we are about to embark on something I have been planning for some time - a new borrowing system for the library. The other system was not designed by me. I have never liked it. This one should be much simpler and easier for everyone. It won't be a computer based system. We haven't the money for that and I don't have the skills to set it up. It will still be easier to keep track of who has borrowed what under the new plan.
Yesterday I planned on doing several things at the library shelves. I didn't. An hour before I left home I had a phone call. 
"Cat, I have a problem. Could I possibly come around and see you this afternoon?"
"What's the problem?" I asked. I am not sure why I said this. I could have said, "I'm going out."  I didn't. Something prompted me to ask first - something in the tone of voice? 
The person asking the question is a very good friend indeed. I knew it would not be an idle question.
She explained briefly. It was a practical issue but an important one. She needs to get a job done so that it can be sent off.
I know her well enough that I could say, 
"I was going to guild. I'll just do what I need to do there and then I'll come to see you."
I gave her an approximate time of arrival. There was a sigh of relief at the other end of the phone. 
I did go to guild. I did not do what I planned. That was not my fault. Something has gone missing in my absence. I left other people hunting for it.
I went off to see my friend instead. I heard her run to the front door. I was bear hugged. We sorted the problem. We talked. We drank tea. We talked some more. 
The conversation was good. My friend looked much more relaxed. It was a problem for two people to work at together. 
This time last year I was still adjusting to the loss of my closest friend. Yesterday I knew, for the first time since then, that I have another friend I feel completely comfortable with - the sort of person I will happily change my plans so as to be able to help.
It is important to have the sort of friend you can exchange a bear hug with.



Anonymous said...

The hug is the best part of the conversation, and the most important.

catdownunder said...

I think we understand one another very well Judy!