Friday, 13 November 2015

If one more thing had happened

yesterday I might have screamed.
I had to go out yesterday morning. There were "roadworks" where I wanted to go. (The men on the job were actually sitting around eating a late breakfast or a very early morning tea.) I had to go the long way around. 
The person I went to see had not finished what she had undertaken to do. I had to wait.
I called in at the supermarket on the way back. They had run out of what I needed. That meant going to the other supermarket - a place I dislike intensely.
I had just settled in at home and there was a loud banging on the front door. I wondered what was wrong.
I went to the door and there was an untidy young man wearing a shirt labelled "Roof" and a liberal sprinkling of tattoos. He started to tell me about his "free" offer. I interrupted and told him, "You can't read can you?"
I pointed to the sign which clearly says "No canvassers please". He protested. I asked him to leave. He stood there and said, "But I'm not selling anything..." "Get off the property," I told him. He protested still more telling me it was a "FREE" offer - as if I didn't understand. I said "Out now, before I call the police."  He wanted to know what they would do and I said, "I'd tell them you are trespassing with criminal intent." He left. (I saw him again later. There were several of them all with a "Roof" shirt. All of them had tattoos. I should not be prejudiced but tattoos make me feel uncomfortable.
The Senior Cat was trying to work out what he can afford to "get rid of". He doesn't want to get rid of anything but the carport has to be cleared so that the new carport door can be installed. He is not a particularly happy cat about that. He "might need it". Perhaps. We will see.
Yesterday afternoon I had to go to the untidy shop. I did manage to find what I needed but it took a while. The checkout girl overcharged me - but it was not her fault. We both looked startled when something costing $3.99 came up as $89.40. That had to be sorted.
Pedalling back there was a man coming towards me. He is pushing himself slowly and with some difficulty in a wheelchair. A plumbing van appears and pulls into a driveway just in front of him. The van is blocking the footpath. The man in the wheelchair cannot get past. I tell the van man, politely, what has happened. He abuses me and doesn't want to move. I say nothing. I take out my mobile phone and pretend to take a picture. Van man swears and moves. Wheelchair man moves on and thanks me. I pedal on. 
No, nothing else went wrong. Perhaps the large mug of tea I consumed on reaching home helped?


Anonymous said...

Do you know the book "Alexander and the horrible, terrible, very bad day"? I bought a copy for myself, for days such as that one.

(There is now a film - it could not be as good as the book.)


catdownunder said...

Yes! Isn't wonderful - the dentist, the wrong sort of shoes...everything! I have bought several copies to give to children - and no film could be as good as the book!